The Mysterious Intersection Where Humanity Meets Magic

The introduction of Quantum Physics into mainstream consciousness has required us to reconsider what it means to be fully human. Outside of our conscious awareness, the world as we know it is rapidly evolving, creating new parameters that define the human experience. Recognition, integration and utilization of these qualities create a new axis of experience where humanity meets magic. One such arena is Vibrational Healing.

Using the metaphor of a computer – an appropriate choice given its importance in our culture – and merging it with some of the simple concepts of Quantum Physics, we know that every human being is blessed at birth with a complex internal computer far more elaborate than artificial intelligence. It is the human mind, and when appropriately plugged into the human heart, it is equipped to dispense Divine Intelligence. One of its primary software packages, which could be referred to as the High Self, Christ Consciousness, or Buddha Nature, discerns what is supportive of optimal human life . . . and what is not.

In this Age of Information, the operating systems of our internal human computers (our minds) are bombarded continuously with a plethora of new information about our rapidly-changing world. To process it all consciously and make thoughtful decisions about where to appropriately place this extensive amount of information on our internal hard drive is not viable. Yet, this continual influx of misfiled information and unresolved emotional content can result in continual low-grade exhaustion and compassion fatigue, merging with toxic emotions and numbing depression. In other words, your internal computer hard drive is probably heading for a crash unless you clear off useless files and create enough empty space to plug your mind into your heart!

Synergia is extremely helpful in keeping your hard drive from crashing as well as repairing it after the melodramatic event. It creates a milieu in which your own Divine Computer System removes blockages to the life force and consciousness. Synergia is based in part on Applied Kinesiology (AK), and in part on ancient Oriental healing techniques, energy transfer, quantum field theory, human energy systems and homeopathy. AK interfaces with the intimate body-mind connection, and is one way to access the human software package. Kinesiology has proven that the mind “thinks” with the body, thus giving a portal of entry to an infinite amount of data. Combining Synergia and AK creates a powerful healing tool.

Now that you have been introduced to Synergia – a powerful, cutting-edge Vibrational Healing modality designed to alleviate pain and bring the body-mind-spirit into balance for well-being at every level of life – let’s see how it happens!

In any highly complex system there are specific, critical points at which the slightest input will result in the greatest change. Located through kinesiology, these “points”, which are actually “switches”, are used to correct energy imbalances, thus allowing the life force to move freely and build strength. This increase in energy signals the internal computer to reorganize itself toward optimal functioning. As life force increases, consciousness increases.

Imagine a light switch on a wall. This simple device sends a signal to either add or remove light from a particular space. It has two basic positions: on and off. The human energy system, like this wall switch, operates from a binary paradigm as well. The switches are either in the on or off position, sending signals and organizing the human physiology in much the same way the wall switch controls the light within a space. When a switch is in the inappropriate position, an imbalance occurs.

These imbalances first occur in consciousness, then the etheric body, and finally in the physical realm. While the imbalance may come to conscious awareness in any of the energy fields – spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic or physical – the switches will be flipped at the physical level.

Energetic imbalances tend to occur in layers: the outer layers hold the more recent experiences, underlying layers hold the more active and chronic imbalances, while the deepest levels hold hereditary and karmic imbalances. As you might expect, balancing the outer layers allows the deeper layers to be exposed for corrections.

Synergia corrects the imbalances by energetically flipping the problematic switches. This occurs by first finding the exact switches through kinesiology, and then using focused intention combined with the ancient Shaolin technique of projecting energy onto the mid-line of the body. While these words may not make a lot of sense to our Western minds, the technique is highly effective, and extremely easy.

We already know vibrational healing works. The Einstein, Rosen, Podolsky Study, “Paradox in the Brain” proved that long ago. Currently, Dr. Bruce Lipton in Wisdom of the Cells cites a study proving that energy healing works 100 times quicker than taking a pill, and Gregg Braden in The Lost Mode of Prayer reports tumors visible on a sonogram evaporating before his very eyes while monks chant over a patient. Many more examples of the power of energy healing are available for those who wish to research the topic. So if you’re wondering, “Does this weird stuff really work?” The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Now that you have an understanding of what Synergia is, let’s see what a session looks like:

The first determination when setting an appointment is WHERE the session will be held – on the phone, with a photograph, or in the office. The work is equally effective all three ways since the energy projection utilizes the quantum field, much like prayer.

The second determination is up to the client:

What isn’t working in your life?
What would you like to change?
Where are your limitations?
It may be in any realm – physical, mental, emotional, financial, career, etc. Synergia works with vibrational frequencies, which is energy. And since everything is energy, anything is possible! Synergia works whether or not the client believes in it, just like the light switch turns on when the switch is flipped whether or not the person flipping the switch believes in or understands how electricity works!

Now the work begins. The client sits comfortably while the appropriate “corrections” are found through the use of kinesiology – these are the binary switches which will be flipped. There is no physical contact, only energetic. The corrections are made by intending and directing subtle energy to the mid-line of the client’s body. These energy shifts tell the internal human computer to make very specific changes in its hardware. There are no “recipes” in Synergia. Each session is designed specifically for the current client to bring her or him into optimal well-being. And yes, it looks like magic to our Western minds!

The client may have a variety of responses. Typical responses during a session include feeling the energy move throughout the body, a sense of euphoria, joy and well-being. Just as typical is the feeling of extreme exhaustion, even falling asleep, as stress is released from the nervous system. The fatigue typically dissipates prior to the end of the session as the human system comes more fully into balance. However, keep in mind that the response is unique for each person.

After a session, clients report feelings from increased comfort and joy to euphoria, with negative symptoms being alleviated or eliminated. They also report hot emotional issues having no charge, as though the issue is now far away from them. Immediate relief from painful symptoms is also a typical response, as well as gradual relief during the 24 hours following the balancing. It is not unusual for symptoms to completely abate when the core level issues are resolved and the energy is in balance.

It is important to remember that Synergia does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. It is a spiritual technology for removing energetic imbalances. The realm of consciousness and spirituality is not typically recognized by conventional medicine or science. Healing, which resides in the realm of spirituality, comes from within. The task of Synergia is to support the client’s optimal well-being by shifting problematic frequencies.

Are you intrigued yet?

Does this sound like something you would like to experience?

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