"Regardless of what we think we're teaching, we teach what we are." ~ Branden


10 Most Common Energy Drains

By Samantha St. Julian | Oct 15, 2017

You are about to enter into a reality that may differ greatly from your own.  Please attempt to remain neutral to what you are about to read. It simply “IS WHAT IT IS”. Things occur every day outside of our conscious awareness. Things that are strange; things that we can’t explain; things that we hoped…

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What is Your Potential?

By Samantha St. Julian | Sep 15, 2017

For the goal of optimal health, let’s get a little scientific about this body suit in which we reside, and one of its most important pieces: pH. This article will help you better understand what pH is, how to measure it, how it affects your body, and what you can do to improve it. Definition:…

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Spin Inversions

By Samantha St. Julian | Jul 15, 2017

We have all had the unsettling experience of “spinning out of control” in our emotional lives at one time or another. A similar event can occur in our biological environment. It is called a Spin Inversion. As you know, our human bodies are comprised of molecules, which consist of atoms, with each atom having a…

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Wormholes, Frequency and Intuition

By Samantha St. Julian | Jun 15, 2017

Junk DNA? Who hasn’t heard that term! While it may be arrogant of Western Scientists to define what is unknown to them as junk, it is the Russian Scientists who are diligently exploring that which we have disregarded . . . and what they are finding are direct and indirect explanations for psychic phenomena such…

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The Mysterious Intersection Where Humanity Meets Magic

By Samantha St. Julian | May 15, 2017

The introduction of Quantum Physics into mainstream consciousness has required us to reconsider what it means to be fully human. Outside of our conscious awareness, the world as we know it is rapidly evolving, creating new parameters that define the human experience. Recognition, integration and utilization of these qualities create a new axis of experience…

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