"As you go the way of life you will see a great chasm. Jump, It's not as wide as you think." – Joseph Campbell


"From peeling to revealing, correcting to sealing, SYNERGIA is the Swiss Army knife for the energetic survivalist. The practice of SYNERGIA has positively and profoundly impacted my soul. It has catapulted me to a level of awareness that I could only imagine in the past.

Dr. Samantha is a gifted healer, an extraordinary teacher and a developmental catalyst. Her genuine respect and passion for the process is contagious as she facilitates the transition of her students into this dynamic realm.

The application potential for energy work is infinite. SYNERGIA is the technology of the future and the future is now." ~  D.V., Kansas City, MO

“My three-year old daughter Bridget was born with a congenital heart defect and has had three open-heart surgeries.  After the last surgery, she contracted RSV and pneumonia and become very ill.  I do not believe that is an exaggeration to say that Samantha’s intervention helped to save Bridget’s life.  There were many times during our hospital stay where Bridget took a turn for the better while Samantha was working on her, or immediately after.  Furthermore, Samantha’s energetic support of me and my family during that time kept us all going physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I continue to call upon Samantha frequently to assist all of us in our growth and expansion.  I have been so impressed by the power and speed of this work that I have taken SYNERGIA training from Samantha, and use this technology almost every day for myself, a client or a loved one.” ~ K.S., St. Louis, MO

“Having been in the alternative health care field for over 25 years, I found that even my paradigms were challenged by my initial introduction to SYNERGIA.  The immediate and obvious relief of symptoms during my sessions was undeniable and profound.  For example, right after the first seminar I cleared a huge mass of mucus from my throat the next morning immediately upon rising.  Such an experience has never happened for me before or since.

I have no doubt that SYNERGA is responsible for many positive changes that are occurring with my health and in my life at this time.” ~ Rick Brown, D.C., N.M.D., San Jose, Costa Rica

“My name is Meggie Felman.  I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches and a shaking disorder much like epilepsy since I was 12 years old.  I am 17 now.  I have spent over three years bouncing on and off different prescription medications, and seeing different neurologists.  I even went so far as to consult neurologists at the Mayo Clinic.  Nothing any of them did for me had a lasting effect.  Moreover, none of the doctors could even diagnose my condition.  I would miss almost 4 days of school every other week due to migraines, and I would have at least one major shaking fit a day.  Due to this, my grades suffered, and I was unable to take part in many normal teenage activities such as learning to drive, staying out late and going to dances.

About a year ago, I met with Dr. Samantha.  It would be an understatement to say that she worked miracles for me.  I am happy to say that since our meeting, I have had only 2 migraines, and my shaking disorder has been almost completely eliminated.

Currently, I am performing extremely well in high school due to my almost perfect attendance. I am also learning to drive, and enjoying nights out with friends.  I feel in many ways Dr. Samantha’s work has helped me to complete my life in ways that for so long seemed futile.”   ~ Meggie Felman, Leawood, KS

“The work is exponential. It doesn’t just peel the metaphorical onion, it lasers off whole chunks of it.”  ~ D.H., Kansas City, MO

“Dr. Samantha’s gift is truly amazing . . . she is able to quickly sift through layers of complexity, moving skillfully and lovingly, to the essence for healing. The wisdom she brings to her process is awesome!" ~  R.K., Mission, KS

“Over the years I have worked with many people and gone to dozens of conferences for learning, growth and healing. . . . When I met Dr. Samantha St. Julian, she worked miracles in just hours. I will always be grateful.” ~ MSFW, San Francisco, CA

“I am very impressed with my SYNERGIA sessions with Dr. Samantha.  After my first session I felt a real weight of stress dissolve and was left with a sense of peace.  I noticed a major improvement in the eczema on my hands and feet.  Also, when the weather changes (when I used to get flair-ups) very little, if any, eczema appears.  It has been nearly 2 months since the session and it is still holding.

The most important and best experience for me was when I requested to tap into the love of the universe.  I was dealing with a very painful emotional experience with a friend who needed to leave my life.  I wanted to hand the situation through love and not anger.  To this day, I still feel more love in my life, and I believe the door that opened through that session will remain open.

I really admire how Dr. Samantha handles her sessions.  As a yoga teacher, I can read some energy.  Dr. Samantha’s peacefulness, respect and knowledge were very comfortable for me.  I am thankful to have been able to receive this work from her.” ~ K.S., Overland Park, KS

“The experience of SYNERGIA has really changed my life!  I initially experienced SYNERGIA sessions with Dr. Samantha and then I learned to use the technique myself by attending her seminars.  Learning how to use these simple techniques to make corrections has been transformation for me.

I have used SYNERGIA on many different levels:

  • To improve my health and that of my family
  • To create change in my environment
  • To deepen my personal relationships with family and friends
  • To grow spiritually and emotionally

With SYNERGIA I have been able to discard the layers of myself that no longer serve me and move to the next level of creating the life and self that my soul desires.

I would encourage everyone to experience the empowering process of SYNERGIA.”  ~ S.V., Sweet Springs, MO

“Samantha’s work is quick, non-intrusive and felt immediately.  The flow of energy is often taken for granted until you feel it flowing free of obstruction.  Her sensitive and intuitive work is nurturing and from a place of knowing.  The effects are felt in a matter of moments and the improvement continues.”  ~ T.J., Drexel, MO

“I find it difficult to contain SYNERGIA with words.  The English language is not flexible enough.  In Chinese or Russian, for example, it would be much easier because the languages are more sophisticated and dynamic!

I suppose it is because SYNERGIA heals in such a fluid, organic way – you take the work wherever the work needs to go for the client.  It is alive, ever changing and words cannot describe its dynamism.  Words aren’t expressive enough for such leading-edge processes.

Words simply cannot describe the magic…” ~ S.G., Snickersville, VA

“Heads up!  Anyone who is interested in untangling personal health chaos should beat a path to Samantha St. Julian’s SYNERGIA.  You’ll get a focus on what’s really gone astray and what can be done to fix it NOW!

The reason I am writing is because I know of a fantastic person we think you should consider for your classes or lectures.  Her name is Samantha St. Julian.  I personally have experienced her work and can honestly tell you I have neither seen nor heard of a more talented healer.  She is JUST a godsend.  Her practice is called SYNERGIA and she is spell-binding.  She worked on my hip when I was in great pain and all I can tell you is that it was fine within an hour.  This person is a gift from the gods.  I just wanted you to know about her because she would be star at your spa.”  (Written in support of SYNERGIA being taught at a Health Spa) ~ M.L., Fairway, KS

SYNERGIA students write about their work:

“My friend adopted an abandoned and abused cat less than a year ago.  The cat displayed erratic behavior.  One minute a loving lap cat, the next it would attack anyone close for no reason.  Four sessions, over the period of two weeks, dramatically changed the behavior and demeanor of the cat to where he now acts like a normal, loving young cat.” ~ D.L., St. Louis, MO

“I believe all living things are imbued with energy – and all living things are interconnected by this energy.  Each living thing has an “AURA” made up of flowing energy – and that energy changes depending upon our physical health, mental health, mood, and emotions.  I also believe that our auras can and do interface with auras of other living things.

I was blessed from birth with the ability to see auras around living things, but mostly around people.  Although I can usually see several layers of energy, I am most sensitive to the colors in the auric field, with the most vibrant being the upper chakra points.

For this reason I was most curious to learn if SYNERGIA, taught by Dr. Samantha St. Julian, would help me to assist people I know and love rebuild their depleted energy fields in times of stress and illness.  Much to my surprise, what I found was not only DID using SYNERGIA work for that purpose, it also helped sooth and build energy fields around those NOT feeling stressed or depleted. I also found my own energy field was greatly enhanced by using SYNERGIA on others.

During SYNERGIA seminars I found myself intuitively drawn to the more esoteric portions of the manuals, which I now use most frequently.

I see many things when I use SYNERGIA:

  • The color of auras become more vibrant and enlarged around the heads and shoulders of clients
  • Any holes in the aura appear much improved
  • Jagged edges and/or spikes of energy waves have smoothed and become harmonic
  • Clients have consistently reported that they feel renewed and energized after SYNEGIA
  • Some clients need time after the session to sleep or rest to allow their bodies to shift
  • The heavy gray mist which surrounds those under great emotional stress lifts with SYNERGIA
  • As the lymphatic system is balanced I actually see the energy fields around the client change for the better
  • I have had NO negative reports; all clients have reported a sense of well-being

As for me, I always leave the client feeling energized and at peace with the universe!  I often wonder if by exchanging energies with the universe and/or the client, it might be ME who is getting the cleansing of my own aura!” ~ B.V., Kansas City, MO