10 Most Common Energy Drains

You are about to enter into a reality that may differ greatly from your own.  Please attempt to remain neutral to what you are about to read.

It simply “IS WHAT IT IS”.

Things occur every day outside of our conscious awareness. Things that are strange; things that we can’t explain; things that we hoped would only emerge in our lives through comic books and movies! While that is a very pleasant thought form, somehow it doesn’t hold a lot of weight in the collective unconscious, and so in our lives.

In my practice, I consistently see certain frequencies that drain the energy from my clients. Many of them are easy fixes with Synergia; others require a life-style change.

Electro-Magnetic Pollution

Definition: Any of the multiple things in our culture that uses an electro-magnetic force to operate, such as micro-wave ovens, cell phones, computers, appliances, certain things in the automobile like radios and air conditioning, washers & dryers, refrigerators, high-tension power lines, television sets, etc.

Fix: Get diodes for these items from BioTechnologies.com and use apply them to the culprits. Be sure to read their research on how your blood resembles the blood of someone having a stroke when you talk on your cell phone! Consider a headset from LessEMF.com that uses an air tube to keep the EMF’s from reaching your brain….keeping in mind it does NOT eliminate the micro-waves. And please, don’t let your children hang out on the cell phone….they use the worst possible electrical frequency for our brain frequency and your child’s brain is not yet developed!

The News on Television

Definition: nobody in our culture needs this defined!

Fix: Turn off the news, limit your intake, or better yet, take in more inspirational news at DarynKagan.com, the former news and sports Anchorwoman on CNN who now has her own Web Site News! We can only participate in so much suffering and grief until we find ourselves in Compassion Fatigue. (Not to mention the sensationalism. We all get that it’s really about the ratings, right?!)

Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of DarynKagan.com, an inspirational online community that features a daily Web cast of stories that “Show the World What is Possible.” Based on the radical idea that the world is a good place, DarynKagan.com has become a daily destination for thousands of Internet users who seek news stories that inspire.

Toxic Thinking – Toxic Emotions

Definition: Continual thoughts and emotions that make us sad, mad, enraged, etc.

Fix: Begin to change how you think. Move into curiosity vs. judgment. Give yourself a “time-out” before deciding how you feel. And by the way, any thought you have that you’d rather not have land in your lap a little bit later, it’s a good idea to cancel it!

Geopathic Stress

Definition: stress from the earth due to pollution, Hartman and Curry Grid confluences, shafts in the earth, underwater rivers, etc.

Fix: get a Feng Shui consultant to create a remedy for you. If the issue is affecting your bedroom, it could be a trigger for insomnia.

Toxic Environments

Definition: Physical environments that make us feel less than optimal due to the use of toxic cleaning chemicals, paints, glues, wallpapers, carpeting, VOC’s off-gassing, etc.

Fix: Commit to going “Green” in whatever you use in your home. Use non-chemical cleaning products and laundry soap, leave your shoes at the door so lead and pesticides are not embedded in your carpeting from the bottom of your shoes, go organic on your lawn, use non-VOC paint and caulk for your home repairs, put an exhaust fan in your attached garage (be sure to vent it outside – not into the attic!) Know and understand the contents on the products you use, even if you have to “Google” each word. Raise your consciousness!

Poor Diet

Definition: We don’t really need this defined, do we? Let’s just say the Standard American Diet (SAD) – lots of sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, pre-fab dead food, sodas, etc. Our mother cells are creating daughter cells from this?? Yikes!

Fix: Make better choices. Think organic, think local when purchasing food. Avoid the simple sugars, all artificial food, trans-fats, dead food and fast food. Eat REAL FOOD! That should pretty well take care of it!

Energetic Entities

Definition: Don’t Panic! These are just disembodied thought forms that attach to our energy fields. We all have them.

Fix: Using Synergia, raise their frequencies on David Hawkins scale to 1,000 while moving your hand down your mid-line to flip the binary switch.

Alien Implants

Definition: Software programs loaded into tiny crystals, found in the finer frequencies of our systems. They appear like tiny optic lights when seen clairvoyantly.

Fix: Using Synergia, correct the switches to unplug the software, remove the crystals, and fill in the holes with your own chi.


Definition: Energetic cords other people and animals have sent out that are connected to your energy field and costing you energy.

Fix: Using Synergia, flip the switch to correct for the release of the cords. It’s not recommended to de-cord parents from infants and toddlers or elderly people from their loved ones or primary caretakers.

Spin Inversions

Definition: The electrons circling our atoms are moving backwards on their own axes. Can be caused by strong electro-magnetic forces, geopathic stress, and powerful negative emotions. Watch for a detailed article in future issues of this publication.

Fix: Using Synergia, flip the switch to correct for the spin inversion.

And one more thing . . . be sure to enjoy how much better you’re going to be feeling in a couple of weeks!!!

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