Spin Inversions

We have all had the unsettling experience of “spinning out of control” in our emotional lives at one time or another. A similar event can occur in our biological environment. It is called a Spin Inversion.

As you know, our human bodies are comprised of molecules, which consist of atoms, with each atom having a nucleus, around which electrons turn. These electrons also turn around their own axis, just like earth spins around the sun while turning on its own axis. The more energy available to the human body, the faster these electrons turn, decreasing the chance of their becoming inverted, or reversed.

However, when certain emotional and/or environmental factors have too much influence on the electrons, and the body doesn’t have enough energy (i.e. depleted aura) to maintain itself, a spin-inversion occurs. This means that the electrons spin backwards their own axes. If the exposure has been of short duration, the body can usually recover on its own. However, extended exposure to the culprits, in combination with a depleted aura, can create a long-lasting, problematic Spin Inversion.

What are some conditions that can promote Spin Inversions?

  • High-tension power lines
  • Cell phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Elevator shafts
  • Florescent lighting
  • Computer/Electronic equipment
  • Highly-charged emotions
  • Travel in airplanes
  • Geopathic distresses that cause the earth’s magnetic field to be disturbed. The issue is the quality of the disruption, not the quantity
    • Leylines caused by underground streams
    • Mine shafts
    • Breaches in the crust of the earth

What are the symptoms of Spin Inversions ?

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Suddenly “bone-tired”
  • Exhausted upon awakening
  • Sense of “freezing” when in bed
  • Confusion and / or dizziness
  • Bedwetting
  • Beating of head on the pillow

Why Would You Want to Fix a Spin Inversion?

First, they are problematic from the standpoint of symptoms. Who wants to walk around in a brain fog, bone tired and dizzy?

Second, Dr. Johann Boswinkle of Switzerland has been studying Leukemia patients in relation to Spin Inversions for years. His studies have found that when these patients have an intervention to correct their Spin Inversion (on a photon-resonance machine called the “Health Angel” – www.health-angel.net ), leukemia is no longer seen in the blood.

Spin Inversions can be energetically corrected with Synergia, and sometimes it requires physical interventions for long-term corrections. Changes such as moving the bed if it is on a leyline, purchasing diodes that will keep electro-magnetic pollution from harming the human system, or using an “air tube” head set on the cell phone (www.lessemf.com) can all be extremely helpful in resolving Spin Inversion issues.

Regardless of the effort required, it’s always a good idea to keep oneself spinning in control!

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