Helps detoxify the liver and support patients with all types of Hepatitis.

Minimum order: set of 3 patches (any combination)

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Handling Instructions

The frequencies in the patches are turned on upon removing them from the backing. To safeguard this energy always replace unused patches in the protective sleeve, keeping them away from electronic equipment.


The normal placement of the patches is the upper left side of your body, on the front or back of the shoulder, but they can also be placed directly on the area of discomfort. As the patches are not trans-dermal, they do not need to be in direct contact to the skin. Do keep them within one inch of the body.

How many can be worn at once? Three different patches on the body at one time are considered optimal.

About The Patches

Most patches are packaged ten to a set for a one-month supply. The patch should be worn on the left side of your body above the waist unless otherwise specified. In some cases you can apply a patch directly on the target area, such as on your knee for joint pain. Up to three patches can be worn at any one time.

The patches are designed with a hypoallergenic adhesive compound made for sensitive skin. If you are sensitive to this adhesive, just flip the Patch over and attach it with a Band-Aid, medical tape, Nexcare Flexible Clear or Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cloth Tape. These are also good options if your patches should fall off in the shower or bath.

For people who have sensitive skin or perspire heavily we also suggest using a patch holder. We find attaching the patches to a small piece of fabric works best. We recommend men keep it in their pocket, and women put it in their bra. The Patches only need to be within 1” of the body to be effective. The therapies are then changed by peeling them off the cloth and attaching new ones every fourth day.

These patches are not an attempt to diagnose specific disease states. Their purpose is to seek out physiologic abnormalities that can lead to disease states, signified by an out of the ordinary pattern of emitted frequencies. A set of acceptable healthy frequency patterns is created to enable the body to correct each abnormality. The frequencies are encoded into the patch and released into the etheric field where the body can utilize them as needed.