Quantum Healing


This metal disc is embedded with precise frequencies utilizing photon resonance technology to support:

  • Profound quantum healing
  • Unwinding, de-stressing and relaxing
  • Releasing terror and supernatural attacks
  • Strength and enthusiasm when burned-out
  • Releasing feeling physically weighed down
  • Cellular oxygenation
  • Stimulating the endocrine and heart system
  • Clearing obstacles to healing
  • Stimulating the healing response
  • Inner strength and rejuvenation


Contents of Disc

Australian Bush Flower Remedies

  • Banksia Robur – for revitalization
  • Bauhinia – for inflexibility; opens up and creates expansion
  • Billy Goat Plum – for sexual trauma, shame; brings warmth, balance and understanding of sexuality
  • Black-Eyed Susan – to center and calm; for stress or when one is running around doing a million things
  • Bluebell – opens up the heart and creates abundance
  • Boronia – calms addictive patterns and obsessiveness; allows one to unwind, de-stress and relax
  • Bottlebrush – for major transitions including, birth, adolescence, pregnancy, marriage, death
  • Bush Fuchsia – throat chakra, singing, speaking; clarity, intuition, clear communication
  • Bush Gardenia – renews interest in relationships where they are stale or people are self-involved
  • Bush Iris – opens one up to spirituality and awareness; clears chakra blocks; clears fear of death; atheism
  • Crowea – balances one when they feel continually worried
  • Dagger Hakea – opens one up to forgiveness, clears resentment and bitterness from close relationships
  • Dog Rose – belief in self and courage to face the unknown; when one is afraid, shy and insecure
  • Five Corners – for love and acceptance of oneself and celebration of one’s physical appearance
  • Flannel Flower – joyful sharing of one’s intimate emotional and physical space with another
  • Fringed Violet – psychic protection; heals old effects of auric damage and distress to the aura
  • Grey Spider Flower – releases terror and supernatural attacks; brings courage and calm
  • Hibbertia – to be content with one’s information; stop seeking outside oneself for answers
  • Illawara Flame Tree – for those who feel left out; brings about self approval and self reliance
  • Isopogon – for those who don’t remember things because of stuck information that they can’t get past
  • Jacaranda – for those who are scattered and rushing around; for decisiveness and quick thinking
  • Kangaroo Paw – for social discomfort when one is inept or insensitive
  • Kapok Bush – to give things a go when one feels apathetic
  • Little Flannel Flower – to bring out the child in the adult or serious person
  • Macrocarpa – for inner strength and enthusiasm when one is burnt out
  • Mountain Devil – for grudges and suspicions; brings about healthy boundaries, love and forgiveness
  • Mulla Mulla – releases the energy of environmental radiation; releases fear of hot things
  • Old Man Banksia – for watery types who feel weighed down and disheartened; renews interest in life
  • Paw Paw – for overwhelmed by problems, life, decisions; assimilates new information and brings clarity
  • Peach-Flowered Tea-Tree – lack of follow-through on projects; brings stability, self reliance
  • Philotheca – for the person who can never validate them self and gives it all away; brings in self acceptance
  • Red Grevillea – for moving on when one is oversensitive; creates boldness to leave unpleasant situations
  • Red Helmet Orchid – for resolving male issues; for overly rebellious or hot-headed; heals father issues
  • Red Lily – when one is dreamy/disconnected; for living in the present, grounding, connect with higher self
  • She Oak – for females to balance and open up sexuality and procreative energies
  • Silver Princess – for purpose and motivation; when one feels flat and despondent
  • Slender Rice Flower – for group harmony, cooperation and humility
  • Southern Cross – for personal power when one is feeling victimized
  • Spinifex – when one is a victim to illness empowers one through emotional understanding of illness
  • Sturt Desert Pea – for letting go of deep hurt, pain and sadness
  • Sturt Desert Rose – when one is controlled by guilt, low self esteem brings courage and conviction
  • Sundew – for attention to details, grounding, and living in the present
  • Sunshine Wattle – for expectations of a grim future; optimism and acceptance of the beauty in the present
  • Tall Mulla Mulla – encourages opening up when one feels insecure or ill at ease with people
  • Tall Yellow Top – for feeling alienated, lonely or without support
  • Turkey Bush – inspires creativity and renews artistry; clears creative blocks and disbelief in ability
  • Waratah – for clearing despair and hopelessness; amplifies survival skills, faith and assistance
  • Wedding Bush – dedicates one to life purpose and commitment to relationships
  • Wild Potato Bush – for feeling weighed down by the physical body; helps move forward and feel freedom
  • Wisteria – when one feels uncomfortable with physical pleasure; brings sexual enjoyment and openness
  • Yellow Cowslip Orchid – for bureaucratic types who need to criticize/ judge others; brings impartiality

Young Living Essential Oils

  • Black Pepper – for stimulating nervous system, cellular oxygenation, stimulating endocrine system, and comforting and stimulating the 1st chakra
  • Melrose – for tissue regeneration, protection against radiation, reducing mental fatigue, energizing the solar plexus, and balancing the heart function
  • Western Red Cedar – for powerful effects on the subconscious and unconscious mind, and for calming
  • Inspiration – for opening the pineal gland, grounding the body, releasing emotional blocks, appeasing the mind, creating a feeling of peace and gentleness, increasing oxygen around the pineal and pituitary glands, improving one’s attitude, alleviating depression, releasing negative programming from cells of the body, and helping one to accepts others while reducing egocentricity
  • Into the Future –supports the emotions needed for moving forward, oxygenates the pineal and pituitary glands, enhances communication, uplifts emotions, aids optimism, energy and confidence
  • En-R-Gee – helps improve energy without over stimulating, aids mental alertness
  • Endolflex – supports the endocrine system, improves vitality, provides overall balance
  • Gratitude – elevates, soothes and appeases the mind, brings relief and relaxation to the body
  • Immupower – builds, strengthens and protects the body; supports the defense mechanism
  • Legacy – a blend of 91 essential oils; fine tunes and energizes the entire body
  • White Angelica – helps to ward off the bombardment of negative energy; emotional cleansing

Miscellaneous Frequencies

  • Stojanovic Family Guardian – Proprietary frequencies
  • Ozaleit – Strengthens auric field
  • Harmony
  • Raymon Grace’s Energized Water

Mapped Frequencies

  • Clear Obstacles to Healing
  • Too Keyed Up
  • Release Tension
  • Rejuvenation
  • Energy Balancing
  • Depression
  • Worrying
  • Simulating Your Healing Response
  • Normalize Erratic Lifestyles
  • Lifted Spirits
  • Inner Strength
  • Feeling At Ease
  • Energy Boost
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Traumatic Events

Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystals

  • Healing
  • Peace of Mind
  • Self Love
  • Thank You
  • Love and Thanks
  • Hope
  • Lourdes Water
  • Peace
  • Autonomic Nerve
  • Right Brain
  • Thymus
  • Lung
  • Adrenal
  • Cranial
  • Pancreas
  • Pineal
  • Brain
  • Blood Circulation

Disc Usage

How to Use Synergia’s Vibrational Discs

Our Vibrational Discs can be used in a number of ways; find the ones that work best for you.  Remember, they need to be in your energy field in order to support you.

  • Wear it in a pocket
  • Meditate with it
  • Sleep with it
  • Soak in the bathtub with it
  • Wear it on your body as a piece of jewelry
  • Put it under your plate while eating
  • Place it under your drinking water overnight – use glass
  • Place it on your desk or work area
  • Take it into business meetings
  • Love Disc – have one for yourself and one for your beloved
  • Prosperity & Abundance Disc – keep it with your unpaid bills, cash or checkbook
  • Be creative . . . intuit . . . experiment with ways these discs might serve you best!

Healing Disc Explanation

We humans live in a vibrational “soup” comprised of many ingredients: our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), our emotions, others projections onto us, and more. Our molecules are always mixing with those of others, impacting our experience of life – for better or for worse.

Synergia’s Vibrational Healing Discs not only offer you a sense of stability while swimming in the soup of life, they can also support your forward movement in many different areas.

Created from zinc washers to hold the frequencies, these Discs have been permanently encrypted with specific oscillations via photon resonance equipment.