Achieve More


This metal disc is embedded with precise frequencies utilizing photon resonance technology to support:

  • Releasing procrastination
  • Overcoming denial and fear
  • Increasing mental alertness
  • Awareness of own potential
  • Wisdom
  • Focus from the inside out
  • Seeing situations from all angles
  • Warding off negative energy
  • Releasing hopelessness



Young Living Essential Oil Blend:

  • Acceptance – overcome denial and procrastination, enhance a feeling of security
  • Envision – emotional support
  • Magnify Your Purpose – empowers and uplifts
  • Motivation – overcome fear and procrastination
  • Brain Power – releases petrochemicals, assists with release of brain fog
  • Joy – supports adenoids and adrenal glands, supports positive, loving memories
  • En-R-Gee – improves energy and mental alertness
  • Peace and Calming – releases depression, anxiety, stress and tension
  • Inspiration – enhances communication with Divine, relieves negative thoughts
  • Into the Future – supports the emotions for forward moving
  • White Angelica – supports awareness of one’s potential, wards off negative energy
  • Believe – grounding and empowering

Bush Flower Remedy

  • Sunshine Wattle – releases hopelessness, stuck in the past and expectation of a grim future


  • Zircon – supports virtue, unification, continuity and purity; gathers and stores information, helps to focus from the inside out and to see situations from all angles

Synergia Remedies

  • Spleen Clearing
  • Sphenoid Sinus Clearing
  • Bioprex CA 3 – fractal healing frequencies from France

Pegasus Essences

  • Dessert Barrel Cactus – encourages wisdom
  • Garlic – eases anxiety

Disc Usage

How to Use Synergia’s Vibrational Discs

Our Vibrational Discs can be used in a number of ways; find the ones that work best for you.  Remember, they need to be in your energy field in order to support you.

  • Wear it in a pocket
  • Meditate with it
  • Sleep with it
  • Soak in the bathtub with it
  • Wear it on your body as a piece of jewelry
  • Put it under your plate while eating
  • Place it under your drinking water overnight – use glass
  • Place it on your desk or work area
  • Take it into business meetings
  • Love Disc – have one for yourself and one for your beloved
  • Prosperity & Abundance Disc – keep it with your unpaid bills, cash or checkbook
  • Be creative . . . intuit . . . experiment with ways these discs might serve you best!

Healing Disc Explanation

We humans live in a vibrational “soup” comprised of many ingredients: our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), our emotions, others projections onto us, and more. Our molecules are always mixing with those of others, impacting our experience of life – for better or for worse.

Synergia’s Vibrational Healing Discs not only offer you a sense of stability while swimming in the soup of life, they can also support your forward movement in many different areas.

Created from zinc washers to hold the frequencies, these Discs have been permanently encrypted with specific oscillations via photon resonance equipment.