This metal disc is embedded with precise frequencies utilizing photon resonance technology to support a gentle detoxification of:

  • Heavy metals
  • Environmental toxins
  • Stagnation
  • Chemicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Molds
  • Fungus
  • Tap Water
  • Sick Building
  • MSG & other food additives
  • Dental materials


Contents of Disc

Detoxification – a composite homeopathic formula for modulating the imbalance in the toxic terrain often resulting in the following stress reactions: memory loss, fatigue, headaches, aches and pains.

Professional Botanicals

  • Liver Detox Plus – a liver stimulant that activates, tones, and increases liver secretions causing detoxification; indicated for allergies of all kinds.
  • Lymph Detox – acts upon the blood and the lymphatic system; indicated for eczema, psoriasis, boils, or any condition relating to blood or lymphatic congestion.
  • Metal Detox – specially designed to chelate out heavy and/or toxic metals.

AmericanNutriceuticals, Inc.
ANr Detox – eliminates toxins, stimulates cleansing process and nonspecific immune system.

BioActive Nutritional, Inc.

  • Toxodetox – for temporary relief of fever, sore throat and acute irritation of the bladder.
  • Dentox – for amalgam and other dental materials drainage and detox. For temporary relief of pain and minor inflammation in the mouth or on the gums following dental procedures.

Desert Biologicals

  • Enviroclenz – for relief of symptoms due to environmental toxins.
  • Systemic Detox – for relief of symptoms due to systemic toxicity.
  • Chemtox – for symptomatic relief of allergies and toxicity due to chemicals. For stimulation of the body’s detoxification processes involving allergies and other symptoms caused by reaction to pharmaceutical drugs.

Nature’s Sunshine
Vaccination Detox – a natural homeopathic medicine for relief of vaccination side effects, including restlessness, fever and headaches.

Professional Complementary Health Formulas

  • Food Poisoning Detox
  • Sick Building Detox
  • Tap Water Detox
  • Toxic Fungal-Mold Detox
  • Food Additive Detox
  • MSG Detox – Phenolics are aromatic compounds found naturally in foods derived from plants and animals and in pollens. These compounds color, preserve, protect, and flavor foods. Phenolic chemicals are found in practically every food today. They are a major underlying cause of allergic symptoms as well as many mental disorders.
  • Amber -excellent detoxification and protection from radiation – especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and others’ energies.
  • Vaccinations (Childhood) – assists the body to desensitize/detoxify and ameliorate the ill effects of vaccines.

Apex Energetics

  • Dtx Lymph – stimulates the natural detoxification processes of the lymphatic system; supports the thymus and other glands.
  • Dtx Kidney – stimulates the natural detoxification processes of the kidneys; special support for the sinus, also useful during minor inflammation of kidneys, and frequent urination.
  • Dtx Liver – stimulates the natural detoxification processes of the liver; supports liver drainage using French Gemmae technology with fresh plant bud extracts.
  • Petrochem – for relief of symptoms related to minor petrochemical toxicity (automobile exhaust fumes, food additives, dyes, and industrial solvents).
  • Enviroprotect – supports detoxification and desensitization.  For addressing symptoms related to environmental stress factors, and for support of organ function; helps counter environmental effects in persons driving in traffic and for joggers in urban areas.
  • Ultra Antitox – for relief of symptoms related to low-level toxic bioaccumulation in the cleansing organs (liver, kidneys, and lymphatics).  To enhance the body’s own detox-ability for effective cleansing of deep- seated toxins.

Energique, Inc.

  • Terrestristat – detoxification of radiation (radon), neutralizes geopathic stress; ror temporary relief of nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, weakness, trembling, numbness, skin eruptions and cracking.
  • Virustat – detoxification of multiple viruses

Systemic Formulas
Organizer Cell – OXAA – provides deep cellular cleansing detoxification (liver, bones, breast and prostate) that supports any liver program.

Alaskan Essences, Inc.
Smoky Quartz Gem Elixirs – for grounding and calming; synchronizes body energy with earth energy; regulates and stabilizes the detoxification of unwanted energies from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.


Disc Usage

How to Use Synergia’s Vibrational Discs

Our Vibrational Discs can be used in a number of ways; find the ones that work best for you.  Remember, they need to be in your energy field in order to support you.

  • Wear it in a pocket
  • Meditate with it
  • Sleep with it
  • Soak in the bathtub with it
  • Wear it on your body as a piece of jewelry
  • Put it under your plate while eating
  • Place it under your drinking water overnight – use glass
  • Place it on your desk or work area
  • Take it into business meetings
  • Love Disc – have one for yourself and one for your beloved
  • Prosperity & Abundance Disc – keep it with your unpaid bills, cash or checkbook
  • Be creative . . . intuit . . . experiment with ways these discs might serve you best!

Healing Disc Explanation

We humans live in a vibrational “soup” comprised of many ingredients: our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), our emotions, others projections onto us, and more. Our molecules are always mixing with those of others, impacting our experience of life – for better or for worse.

Synergia’s Vibrational Healing Discs not only offer you a sense of stability while swimming in the soup of life, they can also support your forward movement in many different areas.

Created from zinc washers to hold the frequencies, these Discs have been permanently encrypted with specific oscillations via photon resonance equipment.