Helpful Hints and FAQ’s

AEP Helpful Hints and Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Hints

  • Always keep unused patches in their special sleeve which was designed to hold the energy in the patch.
  • Suggested application unless otherwise specified: Place on the upper left side of the body 24/7.  Replace patch every three days.
  • Most patch therapies last for 30 days, except where noted.
  • The Informational Insert Card inside the plastic sleeve is also programmed; place it under your food plate or water container for 40 seconds to program them.
  • If preferred the patches can be stuck on a piece of 1” wide medical cloth tape and attached to the body.  Either side of the patch can face the body.


  • What are Aura Exploration PatchesA collection of Patches based on homeopathic principles designed to deliver healing frequencies.  The Patches are encoded with specific vibrations known to support optimal well-being, which when worn, present a unique field of energy to your system which will capture the frequencies it needs and ignore those it doesn’t.  These Patches work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of the body.
  • Are the Aura Exploration Patches safe?  Yes.  This is a natural way to heal the body without pharmaceuticals.  They are designed to accommodate even the most energy-sensitive people.
  • Have the Aura Exploration Patches been clinically tested?  Yes, they have gone through double blind studies with health care practitioners, receiving almost 100% expected and positive results.
  • How often can I wear the Aura Exploration Patches?  Wear the Patches as often as you wish.
  • Who can wear these Patches?  They are designed to be worn by adults, children and pets.
  • How do I use the Patches on my pet?  Attach the Patch to the inside of the pet’s collar, replacing every 3 days.  Ones that work exceptionally well on pets:  Stress & Anxiety Relief, Pain-Tens Relief and Joint Care.
  • How soon before I feel the effects of wearing the Aura Exploration PatchesMost people begin to feel improvement the first day, though your personal response will be based on your age and condition.
  • How long should I wear the Aura Exploration Patch therapy?  While each therapy is unique to each person, most Patches are worn for thirty days, some longer.   Certain Patches, like Pain-Tens Relief, Joint Care, Stress & Anxiety Relief and Female Hormonal Balance can be worn as needed.
  • Can I bathe with the Patches on?  Yes, just be aware that water may loosen the adhesive causing the Patch to fall off prior to the three-day wearing period.  Simply re-attach the Patch with 1” wide medical tape.  (Two tape options: Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape and Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cloth Tape.)
  • Can I cut the Patches in half?  No, it will destroy the patterns of the encoded energy.
  • What if I’m reactive to the adhesive?  The Patches are not trans-dermal so either side can be worn facing the skin.  Simply use 1” wide medical tape to attach the non-adhesive side to the skin, or attach the Patches to a scrap of fabric and tuck it in your pocket or bra.
  • Can the Patches go through the Airport X-Ray?  Yes, if kept inside their protective plastic sleeves.
  • Can I wear more than three different types of Patches at one time?  Some Patches carry complementary frequencies to each other, in which cases four could be worn at the same time.  Otherwise, mixing too many encoded frequencies at the same time can weaken their affect, so limit it to three.
  • Is there one particular Patch that I should always consider when wearing Aura Exploration PatchesMost Patches work best in conjunction with the Master Restoration Patch.
  • If I sleep close to someone will they use the energy in the Patches I am wearing?  If you sleep touching or within 1” of another person, she/he may absorb some of the energy from your Patches if they contain frequencies their body needs.  This does not reduce the frequencies you receive from the Patches.
  • What are the similarities and differences between Peaceful Sleep Patch, Sleep Aid and Good Night’s Sleep
      • All three types of sleep support are designed to be placed inside the pillow case or on the inside of nightwear on the left side. 
      • They all activate Theta and Delta waves and help relieve stress and anxiety, allowing you to awaken refreshed and alert.
      • They are all considered a program of Restoration Energy (vs. Therapy) to achieve balance, so they do not count as one of the 3 therapies you can wear at one time on your body.    

1.  Peaceful Sleep Patch – Designed for sleeping without disruptive dreaming, this Patch does not contain the frequency of Melatonin.

2.  Sleep Aid Patch – Designed for a restful night’s sleep without the over-thinking that keeps people awake, this Patch contains the frequency of Melatonin.

      • Replace the Patch every three days. Use for as long as needed.

3.  Good Night’s Sleep Patch – Identical frequencies to the Sleep Aid Patch but carries twice the power.

      • Replace the Patch every seven days.
      • The Rejuvenation Seals work well with these Patches.