"In a gentle way you can shake the world." ~ Ghandi

Life Alignment Testimonials

I'm writing to share the remarkable success that I've experienced with the digitally-encoded hCG diet under the supervision of Dr. Samantha St. Julian. As a physician specializing in preventive medicine, I have watched many diet fads over the years and seen many people hope and fail. Among the most notable have been those who have lost significant weight under the Atkins diet, only to quickly regain their pounds. All this time, I watched my personal weight creep up by 5 pounds each year. I no longer felt in integrity when presenting to executives espousing health, wellness and preventive medicine, given that I was teetering on the border of obesity.

Meeting Dr. Samantha St. Julian was quite by serendipity, through a friend who had successfully lost weight under the hCG program and looked absolutely transformed. Given a free morning in Kansas City, my wife and I took advantage of the opportunity to meet Dr. St. Julian personally and experience her freshness, radiance and wisdom. We also talked with others who had been on the program, as well as a nutritionist who said that Harvard University had carefully researched this diet and found it to be safe and successful. We realized there are people who prefer gradual approaches to life changes and other souls who are adventurous enough to jump off cliffs and make radical changes. We finally came down to that crucial moment of decision and chose to "Go For It!!!"

Dr. St. Julian's web site was invaluable . . . the brief guidelines, charts and food/calorie lists are solid.  Dr. Simeons’ “Pounds & Inches Manuscript" at times reads like an adventure story exploring the many ways to stray from the program and the value of curiosity and strict adherence.

Fat loading was fun, and quickly made us disgusted by the mere thought of fat. It also helped us comfortably get through the first three days of severe calorie restriction while we were traveling, buying frozen cooked chicken breasts at health food stores, and feeling a bit fuzzy-headed while changing planes.

What a relief to be in the safety and comfort of our home to truly settle into the heart of this stringent diet. We bought a Life-Source Compact Precision Scale, tracked our daily calories to get up to the "Magic Number" of 500 each day and began experimenting within the strict bounds of what we could eat. We found Miracle Noodles great for halibut stew and other indulgences. It was useful to constantly change the foods for lunch and dinner and to vary our recipes. In two months, the diet never felt stale. We kept choosing from column A (protein) and column B (salad or veggies). When really bored, we splurged on veal or lobster tail.

To our delight, the program worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a man, I watched my weight consistently drop by close to 1 pound a day.  My wife, a massage therapist who must use massage cream with her clients, was a bit hampered and consistently dropped only ½ pound a day. But steadiness proved vital, and she gradually dropped to her initial target of 15 pounds lost, as I hit my 30 pound loss goal.

At this point, we both looked in the mirror and decided this was not enough of a good thing. I see where people can easily become obsessed with weight loss - so it's important not get carried away. She upped her goal to a realistic 21 pounds and I to 41 pounds.

It was truly helpful to be shopping, cooking and eating in partnership. Nothing helps like a little encouragement and we began to enjoy trying on clothes that had been sitting in the back of the closet for years, and telling each other how beautiful we were becoming. Finally we got closer and closer to our goals. After two months, we hit our mutual goals - 63 pounds combined.

One challenge was eating out for business meals or traveling to a week’s professional conference. I found it invaluable to talk with the head of food services at the hotel where I would be staying, so they could get a printed copy of my diet to follow for pre-arranged breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The same was true with restaurants; I had to be able to describe to the chef what I could eat, and every chef rose to the challenge of preparing a healthy, compliant meal. Having talked with the kitchen in advance, I could tell the waiter that I wanted "The Kent Special." This was a valuable lesson. In the future, I will have no hesitation to ask for a special meal or have the kitchen put sauces on the side.

Early on in the program a physician friend told me: "Anyone can lose weight. The challenge is to keep it off. Let's see where you are a year from now."  I both resented his comments and took them as a challenge. I see that this diet has truly been an educational program to teach me about choices, moderation, and learning to create a sustainable lifestyle. Now that I'm in transition, I am eager to keep learning, to enjoy "tastes not platefuls," and to remember how much I can enjoy the pleasure of a low-calorie meal.

Thank you, Samantha, for your inspiration, responsive phone calls and emails. Without you life would be a lot less gratifying and vital.

Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACPM, FACOEM
Past Executive Director, American College of Preventive Medicine
Charlottesville, Virginia

It is with confidence and enthusiasm that I write these words of recommendation for the hCG weight loss program which in essence is also a program of inner growth in relationship to one’s body, mind and spirit.  I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to accept, embrace and manifest positive results in my physical and mental well being.

This journey began in mid-January for me.  I was determined and committed to the principles, the guidelines and the practices each day.  It wasn’t easy but I adjusted and I nurtured myself all along the way.

What I like most about the program is the science behind it, the hugely supportive and uniquely formulated tincture and aura therapy patches, the simple (not easy) diet, significant results in a six week period, the reading material, and the encouragement and support of Dr. Samantha St. Julian.

This journey was and still is very personal.  I absolutely love being lighter.  I lost nearly 30 pounds.  But even more so, I love how the program has motivated me to think about my body and make food choices that nourish and nurture it.  This is an on-going process and every day I have the opportunity to choose to feed myself nutritiously and to feel good about myself.

This program, if followed as outlined in the instructions, will not only bring about significant weight loss, but also help the participant to grow in self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-care.

With gratitude and well wishes to all who choose to engage in this successful weight loss path,

Beth Jacobs
Drexel, Missouri

I have been trying to come up with words other than AMAZEMENT to describe my experience with Synergia’s hCG Program.  I must admit that when I first heard you speak about hCG I was skeptical and thought this was too good to be true.  However, given the fact that I have struggled with my weight during the last decade I was willing to try, especially since it was a homeopathic remedy.

The thermal images below show me a little over a year ago when I had maxed out with my weight.  I knew that I needed to lose weight; however, I was a bit shocked when I got on the scale in my doctor’s office and saw that I was 20 pounds heavier than I realized.  At that time, I made some dietary changes and started exercising.  I managed to lose weight but reached a plateau.  Then I watched as the pounds began to come on again even as I exercised and watched my diet.

I am an advocate for self-care and healthy living and yet in the area of weight I continued to struggle.  I worked with another health practitioner briefly who suggested that I was not digesting fats and recommended enzyme supplementation.  I think she was right and yet that approach didn’t work for me.  Somehow, I had a huge reserve of abnormal fat accumulating on my body.

As I read the information you shared with me including the original protocol from Dr. Simeons, I saw my experience reflected.  I continued to read materials you provided, asked lots of questions, and did some of my own research.  I reached a point where I felt this program was worth trying and I am so GLAD that I did.

During the first three days of the program as you eat high fat foods, I thought this would actually be the easy part.  After gaining 4 pounds during these 3 days, I moved from wondering if this program worked to thinking this program has got to work.  I was relieved when day 4 arrived.  Now, 2 ½ months later, I am pleased to say that I have not only lost 35 pounds, I feel as though this program has helped me to change my relationship with food.  In the past, I had a tendency toward emotional eating at times and would eat when I felt stressed.  I started the program during a really hectic time at work and I have been able to stay focused.  I feel and look better than I have for a long time.  While I have not yet reached my goal weight, with this program I believe it is actually possible.

The resources and recommendations you provided have been very helpful.  However, the program would not be complete without the personal coaching and Synergia vibrational healing work to address energetic imbalances.

This has truly been an amazing and fun journey which I highly recommend!

C.S., St. Louis, MO

Photos below are from before the HA2CG program.

I feel great, and have lost four pounds in 3 days. I am eating whenever I am hungry, just small portions.   Your energy work has shifted everything.  I no longer feel afraid and overwhelmed, and my flab is turning into muscle!   I can do this!!!!! with your help!  Thank you so much!

P.J., Missouri

Re-Entry Phase (Maintenance) wasn't nearly as painful as I imagined and produced much greater results than I ever imagined!  I'm definitely not starving.

We went to Mexico for a 4 day weekend and I didn't get on the scale once.  I was the same when I came back and I ate what everyone cooked.  I still get the occasional "need" for an ice cream cone, etc. but I remember that I don't need one every day.

I'm still trying to eat mostly vegetable, fruits, and protein.  The breads and pastas definitely show up immediately, so I try and save those for special occasions.

J.B., Florida

Thank you HCG for giving me back the body I used to remember!

Originally, I had a lot of concerns about the rigidity of the guidelines and the limited amount of food when I started the program.

After day one of a headache, I actually have sailed through the protocol with EASE!!!  I have felt so little in the way of hunger or yearning for the foods I used to crave, that I was stunned.  After a while, I got used to the idea that I had been clinging to eating patterns that could indeed be broken.

The diet and Dr. Samantha's loving, kind, knowledgeable support gave the extra that I needed.  She was always available to me and seemed to help me get past or through the question or experience of the moment.  Without this support and knowledge, I don't think I would have gotten over even the small bumps so easily.

I started the program thinking I would lose 10 pounds, maybe 15.....25 pounds later I am more than thrilled to say how easy it was for me, how proud I am of my own success and how much Dr. St Julian's support meant to this success.

R.K., Kansas City, MO

I don’t even know how to begin with my hCG experience except to say that it was amazing.  I heard about the diet through an email from Samantha that a friend received.  It sounded so strange to me, that I just decided to try it.

I had twins almost 4 years ago, and although I had lost about 50 pounds after having them, I still wanted to lose 10 to 15 more pounds and no matter how much I exercised or what kind of diet I tried, nothing worked.  I thought I’d just see how it went.

The 500 calories seemed impossible in my mind.  I decided to try the diet through the holidays and I knew that would be difficult, but I didn’t want to gain more weight.  I think that maybe it took a little longer because I struggled a little bit through Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the first 3 weeks I had already lost the weight I originally set out to lose.

I lost 18 pounds in my first month.  I decided to re-evaluate my goal, and when I quit the hCG, which was basically after a little over 2 months, I had lost 25 pounds!

I was terrified to go off the hCG as it had worked so well, and I didn’t think I could continue without it.  I think I had attachment issues to what I refer to as “magic water.”

However, I have been exercising moderately through the maintenance period and eating well, with minor regressions and have lost and additional 4-5 lbs.  I started out at 153 lbs and am now around 123 to 124 pounds.

I have never felt better and I can’t say thank you enough to Samantha for coming into my life and giving me the support and knowledge to get to this point.  I have seen other programs out there, but I really believe that her wisdom has helped me tremendously through the humps, and there will be some.

But overall, I think that this is a great program that should be able to help many people if they are willing to open their minds to its possibilities.  I thought it was crazy, and it didn’t make any sense to me.  It still doesn’t, but I totally believe in its ability to do amazing things.

J.M., Colorado