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HA2CG Helpful Hints and FAQ's

Synergia Healing Arts, Inc. was selling digital signature hCG – why have you changed to HA2CG and how is this new product different?
  • A recent FDA enforcement action took place related to Compliance Policy Guide Section 400.400. To read about the conditions under which Homeopathic Drugs may be marketed, visit this site: www.fda.gov/ICECI/ComplianceManuals/CompliancePolicyGuidanceManual/ucm074360.htm
  • While Synergia uses a cutting-edge technology that provides “digital signature” products – meaning that ONLY the digital vibration/frequency is in your remedy – it most closely resembles homeopathic remedies, which carry a minute amount of the actual product in the remedy. Because the FDA has not regulated digital signature products, we choose to be prudent and adhere closely to the guidelines the FDA has set for homeopathy.
  • In light of this, we have chosen to use the digital signature of the newly formulated “HA2CG Evolution” by DesBio to replace hCG in our remedies. This innovative, patent-pending, weight-management support product is designed to be used with supervised, calorie-restricted diets. DesBio has isolated the active portions of hCG and developed a bio-identical molecule that mimics the activity of the two amino acid chain groups. This provides a clearer and more concentrated message to the body, and is teamed up with 21 homeopathic remedies to optimize weight loss.
What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)?
  • A polypeptide hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy
  • Used medically to treat a variety of conditions
What are the benefits of hCG?
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Supports a very low caloric diet (VLCD) without irritability, hunger, headaches,
    or weakness
  • Supports weight loss and helps to naturally reshape the body without exercise
  • Triggers the body to burn the bad type of fat
  • Reduces and/or erases food cravings by making stored fat available for
How many types of hCG are there?

There are 2 types:
1) Injections requiring a prescription (original diet calls for this method)
2) Oral available in both Natural hCG and Synthetic hCG; comes 3 ways:

  • Oral – actual hCG; taken orally
  • Homeopathic – diluted amount of actual hCG; taken sublingually
  • Digitally-Encoded – using high-tech equipment, only the vibrational frequency is captured; taken sublingually
What is Digitally-Encoded?

Cutting-edge technology now makes it possible to capture - and replicate exactly - frequencies as digital signatures

How do I take my Digitally-Encoded HA2CG?
  • A pre-sealed liquid tincture, place the drops under your tongue and hold there
    for 30 seconds before swallowing
  • Don’t mix the remedy with your meals; allow at least 5 minutes before or after
  • Do not subject your HA2CG to strong electromagnetic frequencies for long
    periods of time
What is special about the HA2CG from Synergia Healing Arts?
  • Using photon resonance technology, specific personalized vibrational
    frequencies are added to a pre-sealed base of 15% ethanol, 85% distilled water
  • In tandem with an initial intake phone interview, your system will be remotely
    muscle-tested for the frequencies you need to support your weight loss and life
    realignment as you resolve emotional, physical and spiritual issues
  • your HA2CG product is personalized just for you with frequencies determined in
    your private phone session
How do you find the frequencies I need?
  • Applied Kinesiology is used to test your system remotely for your optimal
  • You will have a private 15-minute phone session to determine the exact
    frequencies needed to support your life alignment and weight loss
  • Synergia carries over 100,000 frequencies to support your success
  • These frequencies will already be encoded in your bottles of HA2CG when they
    arrive at your door, and you will receive a printout via e-mail of what has been
    included in your formula. You will not require the purchase of other products
    for this program, though you may choose to add additional support
Am I really ready for this diet?

That’s a very important question. Starting the diet before you are psychologically and emotionally ready won’t yield the best results.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Am I willing to adjust my consciousness to a different lifestyle short term
    for long-term gain?
  • Can I enter into these changes with an attitude of joy – or at least one of
  • Do I have a lot of social events coming up which would make me feel
    deprived if I chose to not indulge in food?
Will my metabolism slow down if I’m on a very low calorie diet (VLCD)?
  • YES, though no long-term ill effects on the metabolism occur
  • When a VLCD is used in conjunction with HA2CG, the body receives the signal to use stored fat for energy, eliminating excess fat reserves
Would I lose about the same amount of weight eating a VLCD without the HA2CG?

Probably . . . however . . . you would most likely lose muscle and bone before fat, because their metabolic rates are higher. You would also be REALLY CRANKY!!

By using HA2CG with the VLCD, the abnormally-stored fat is mobilized for energy. The VLCD is vital in preventing immediate refilling of emptied fat cells.

I'd like to read Dr. Simeons' Original HCG Research

You can find the full manuscript here.